How Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Helps You Make Better Food Choices

You’ve probably already heard that adults should sleep seven to nine hours each day. However, many people get far less than what’s recommended. Many people believe they’ll sleep a little extra on the weekends, but sleep simply doesn’t work that way. You need it every day.

Lack of sleep affects everything from emotional intelligence to problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills. It should come as no surprise then that getting too little sleep can wreak havoc on your food choices. That’s why many healthy eating plans include getting at least seven hours of sleep for optimum results.

Regulating Hunger Hormones

The body is a complex system that works together to keep you healthy. When you don’t give your body a chance to recharge, repair, and get ready for another day, you start to see detrimental effects. Recent studies have shown that insufficient sleep contributes to weight gain and poor eating habits because of how the body releases and reacts to hormones.

It comes down to this, when you get full your body sends out hormones like ghrelin and leptin that tell your brain you’ve had enough. But, when you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t react as quickly to those hormones, and you overeat. Instead of stopping after the first course, when you’re tired, you may be tempted to have a second or third helping because your brain hasn’t caught up with what your hormones have to say.

Eating when you’re tired makes sense if you think of it in an evolutionary sense. If you’re tired, then you must need more energy to survive, unless, as in modern times, you have food readily available.

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Filipe Cotas – Inspiring Perseverance and Success

Jeffrey: I’m with Filipe Cotas, who’s the owner and head coach at TFW Medway. Filipe, really glad to have you here, and I wonder if you could tell all of us a little bit more about you and your business.

Filipe: Hey, Jeffrey. Thank you for having me, it’s an honor. I am the head coach and owner of TFW Medway. We are one of the 300 affiliates worldwide which we do the Training for Warriors program under the tutelage of Martin Rooney. We basically just build our…our mantra is build muscle, lose fat, feel good. We see a good vast amount of clientele anywhere from your average adult to also your athlete, anywhere from the ages of about 8 to 18 years old give or take. We just basically go after their goals and just try and improve everybody’s, you know, livelihood and such. It’s a pretty cool opportunity to help everybody get better.

Jeffrey: Fantastic. Now, we chatted a while ago and you had just moved into a larger space, and at that time it was about 4,500 square feet. Maybe you could talk a little bit about your journey and how you kinda started out where you were working with someone else, but you want to go out on your own. How did you make that decision and make it happen?

Filipe: Well, I’m 30 years old right now, and, I mean, I’ve been working out ever since I was 14 years old. Got certified right when I turned 18, and at that point on I decided I wanted to, you know, really go for it and really make this a career out of it. At that point I started reading and listening to a bunch of…well, there weren’t really any podcast back then, but reading a bunch of blogs that probably a lot of people are well known. Guys such as Charles Poliquin and Jason Ferruggia and such. Really just told myself, if these guys can do it, why can’t I?

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Roger Adams – How to Market and Automate Your Practice Like a Boss

Dr. Roger Adams talks about how he manages his practice for incredible referrals from satisfied clients.

Interviewer: I’m pleased to have with me Dr. Roger Adams, who operates Eat Right Fitness, out of Spring, Texas. And Roger’s been doing a lot of work in his practice and today he’s going to share with us some of the things that he uses to help make his practice more effective and also tell us a bit more about where he focuses and some of his concentrations. Roger, we’re really glad to have you here. And if you could please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your practice.

Dr. Adams: Thanks for having me, Jeffrey. I think this is going to be fun. My name is Roger Adams and I’ve been in the practice, at nutrition counseling and personal fitness training, for about nineteen years. I primarily work with clients on weight loss and sports performance. So I will see patients that need to lose weight, either it’s for health reasons, such as chronic disease like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or maybe it’s just some vanity weight. They want to lose a few pounds before the summer vacation. And then I also work with them on exercise prescription and make sure they’re doing the right kind of exercise to meet their goals. I work with clients one on one and in personal training settings and also in small group fitness locations.

Jeffrey: And Roger, do you do any coaching online or through some sort of distance application?

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Jill Albright Talks About Social Media Automation for Fitness

Jill Albright is a fitness professional with over 16 years experience in helping people achieve their goals to change their lives and live healthier. In this interview she explains how she uses social media automation tools for her fitness practice to help her increase her business.

Interviewer: I’m pleased to have with me Jill Albright, who’s a personal trainer and nutrition coach. And Jill’s got some interesting things that she’d like to explain about her practice. Jill, welcome.

Jill: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Interviewer:: Jill, I wonder if you could explain a little bit about your practice?

Jill: Absolutely. Right now, My Fitness Decisions is the name of my business, and I offer on-line personal training, nutrition coaching, and personal training through my in-house studio. I offer training programs with a few different options based on the person’s goals, motivations, time, and commitment. I try to make it as easy as possible for a person to get results. I offer an on-line platform, but a person can perform at a gym, a video program that can be performed at their house or personal training sessions from my in-home studio. In addition, I also have plans that include nutrition consultation fair assessment.

Interviewer: Jill, it sounds like you’ve got a very wide variety of programs, some that suit a whole wide variety of clients. What are some of the techniques that you use to get new clients for your practice?

Jill: Currently, some of the techniques I use to obtain clients would be social media and word of mouth. My part-time business is becoming very popular because of the success that I’m having with many of my clients. Therefore, many people hear about my services through others. In addition, I offer consultation services at L&L Studio in town that helps me to obtain additional referrals. And finally, I use social media. For example, Idea Fit and Facebook to post blogs and inspirational and motivational quotes on my Facebook page. And it also kind of shows exercise and nutrition on a daily basis as well. Continue reading