Jill Albright Talks About Social Media Automation for Fitness

Jill Albright is a fitness professional with over 16 years experience in helping people achieve their goals to change their lives and live healthier. In this interview she explains how she uses social media automation tools for her fitness practice to help her increase her business.

Interviewer: I’m pleased to have with me Jill Albright, who’s a personal trainer and nutrition coach. And Jill’s got some interesting things that she’d like to explain about her practice. Jill, welcome.

Jill: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Interviewer:: Jill, I wonder if you could explain a little bit about your practice?

Jill: Absolutely. Right now, My Fitness Decisions is the name of my business, and I offer on-line personal training, nutrition coaching, and personal training through my in-house studio. I offer training programs with a few different options based on the person’s goals, motivations, time, and commitment. I try to make it as easy as possible for a person to get results. I offer an on-line platform, but a person can perform at a gym, a video program that can be performed at their house or personal training sessions from my in-home studio. In addition, I also have plans that include nutrition consultation fair assessment.

Interviewer: Jill, it sounds like you’ve got a very wide variety of programs, some that suit a whole wide variety of clients. What are some of the techniques that you use to get new clients for your practice?

Jill: Currently, some of the techniques I use to obtain clients would be social media and word of mouth. My part-time business is becoming very popular because of the success that I’m having with many of my clients. Therefore, many people hear about my services through others. In addition, I offer consultation services at L&L Studio in town that helps me to obtain additional referrals. And finally, I use social media. For example, Idea Fit and Facebook to post blogs and inspirational and motivational quotes on my Facebook page. And it also kind of shows exercise and nutrition on a daily basis as well.

Interviewer: That’s great. And we’ll talk a little bit more about the social media a little bit later, in terms of time management. But what are some of the ways in which you market your business?

Jill: Honestly, the only way that I’m marketing my business right now, because of my time constraints and trying to manage my time efficiently, is through social media. My Facebook page, My Idea Fit, and then working with some great people along the way has given that word of mouth out there to kinda grow my business without me even having to work very hard at it. The best thing about it is when you, in this business, if you get someone results your business can grow very quickly because they will trust you, like you and other people want to see you as well.

Interviewer:: That sounds great. Now, with social media, I know some of the things that people have told me before is that it does take a lot of time. So with that in mind, how do you efficiently manage your time and your practice?

Jill: When it comes to efficiently managing my time, this is one of my strongest traits. I’m very good at creating systems to help me stay on track and work as efficiently as possible. For example, my Facebook page is set up with a type of service that allows me to have them post different items, like motivational quotes for me without me even having to do it on a daily basis. I also have a few systems set up through, as that I have found, through the computer, that allow me to work really quickly and not have to work as hard. Both my on-line training platform and my nutrition platform are run through programs and software and applications that are found on-line that kinda help it make it quicker and easier for me.

And then I think the best, the other thing I really have to mention, when it comes to social media and managing your time and being effective at your business, you also have to make sure that you’re putting your life in perspective. Making sure that you have enough time for your family, for your job, and then also at times, just for you. And I felt that by having this type of balance really has made a lot of things go smoother when it comes to my business.

Interviewer: Yeah, it sounds like the tools that you’re using, the on-line platforms, are really helping you to maintain that balance. It’s almost like having more hands that work in your business or having to hire someone. Is that kinda close to what’s happening?

Jill: That is. I definitely have to say that technology is great, especially when it’s working. When it’s not working, then there are some hangups, but I’m always looking for the next best program, pr the next best idea or application that I can use to make my business run more efficiently.

Interviewer:: Great. And finally, What’s the one thing that you’d change about your practice if you could?

Jill: Now, this is when I’m thinking about this question I think the first thing that comes to mind is, personally, in my personal life, if I could change one thing, I would make my business full-time. At this time, this is only a part-time business for myself. I do have a full-time job that does provide a consistent income for me. And my part-time job, even though I love it and I’m very passionate about it, it can fluctuate as far as income month to month. So it makes it difficult to support a family on a fixed budget where there isn’t really room for fluctuation. So if I were able to take this full-time, that would probably be the biggest thing that I’d love to be able to change and know that I’d be successful at it and support a family.

Interviewer:: Well Jill, it sounds like you’re very close to getting to that level. I think, you know, maybe, a little more time and a few more of those fantastic referrals and I think you’ll be there. So I know that everyone wants to thank you for all your fantastic tips and hints today. And I really appreciate you coming on the call.

Jill: Thank you so much.

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