Dr. Felicia Stoler Talks About Her Unique Dietitian Practice


Interviewer: I’m with Dr. Felicia Stoler; a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and exercise physiologist based out of Red bank, New Jersey. Felicia, welcome.

Dr. Felicia Stoler: My pleasure. Thank you.

Interviewer: I wonder if you can explain a little bit about your practice.

Dr. Felicia Stoler: I have a private practice where I see individuals. I guess what makes me different is that I’m a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist, so I would get both ends of the energy spectrum with a certain level of expertise that perhaps some other folks aren’t addressing. I look at somebody as far as the whole package, the whole individual, from their sleep habits to their food intake habits, and trying to help people meet their goals and objectives based on their needs, their lifestyle, and their food preferences and health challenges.

Interviewer: Great. I know everyone wants to know; what are some of the techniques that you’re using to get new clients?

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Lore Earley Talks About Her Holistic Health Coaching Practice

Lore Earley talks about her Holistic Health Coaching Practice.

Jeffrey:            I’m with Lore Earley, a holistic health coach and licensed counselor. Lore, welcome.

Lore:    Hi, thank you for having me.

Jeffrey:            Lore, I wonder if you could explain a little bit about your practice.

Lore:                Yes. My practice has two different divisions to it. In my therapy practice, I work with people who have experienced some kind of trauma or difficult life event, and it’s seriously impacting their daily life. I have a small practice in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and I usually see my therapy clients face to face. I use some techniques that are best suited for in-person treatment.

On the health coaching side of my practice, though, I work with people that have anxiety, stress, a lot of overwhelmed feelings, but is also paired with physical somatic symptoms. For example, unexplained physical pain. They might have a lot of tension in their body. A lot of people feel nauseous all the time. It can even manifest itself as chronic disease. So my health coaching practice I can do through Skype, I can do through other distance web based modalities, unlike the actual therapy part.

Jeffrey:            It sounds like you have quite a varied practice. What are some of the techniques you use to get new clients?

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Adrien Paczosa -Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Adrien Paczosa is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and the Owner/ President of I Live Well Nutrition Therapy in Austin, Texas. Adrien’s approach to healthy nutrition is one that encourages whole-body wellness.

Jeffery:                       I have with me Adrien Paczosa, owner of I Live Well Nutrition Therapy. Adrien, welcome.

Adrien Paczosa:         Thank you, Jeffery. It’s so great to be here.

Jeffery:           Adrien, I wonder if you can explain a little bit about your practice.

Adrien Paczosa:         My practice, I love my practice. I own I Live Well Nutrition Therapy as you stated, and I have about four to five dieticians working for me. It varies from week to week. They’re all independent consultants. We definitely specialize in eating disorders and addictions, but the also we’re able to see other clients for other medical other medical reasons as well.

Jeffery:           What are some of the techniques that you use to get new clients?

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Lauren Noreen: Health and healing guide for the sensitive soul

Jeffrey: I have with me Lauren Noreen. Lauren is the health and healing guide for the sensitive soul. She helps people find solution to their chronic health and weight problems. She is an eating psychology coach and life coach. She is also a writer and a regular contributor to several online publications. She is located in Boston, Massachusetts but works with clients all around the world through Skype. Lauren, welcome.

Lauren Noreen: Thank you so much, Jeffrey. I’m so happy to be here and having this conversation with you.

Jeffrey: Lauren, I wonder if you could explain a little bit about your practice.

Lauren Noreen: Sure. So I work with clients right now one-on-one, in person and over Skype. My clients typically come to me with one or more chronic health issues like headaches, chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety. Often they also are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food and to their body. And in my work with my clients, I use a combination of eating psychology… So considering not only what somewhat eats but their relationship with food because food is suppose to be fun, enjoyable and healing for us. So switching their relationship with food. I use lifestyle changes that are customized to their unique life and what they need, so making their lives easier and adding in simple routines and changes that help them to reduce and/or illuminate their chronic pain issues. And lastly I incorporate a lot of inner work, inner exploration, to uncover any mental, emotional roots to their chronic health issues so that they can really experience complete healing and feel like they can be in control of their bodies and lives again. I’m also a writer so I write almost weekly for a variety of online magazines about health and healing so people can also get tips and stories and inspiration from my writing around how to heal and how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle naturally.

Jeffrey: That sounds like a very well-rounded approach to your clients’ issues. What are some of the techniques that you use to get new clients?

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Registered Dietitian – What I Do to Smooth The Insurance Process

Interviewer: I’m here with Lauren, a registered dietitian from Boston. Lauren, I wonder if you could explain to us a little about your practice.

Lauren: Well, I started my practice about eight months ago. And I specialize in digestive health. So I see a lot of people with irritable bowel syndrome, bacteria overgrowth, acid reflux, inflammatory bowel disease. I would say that’s about half my clients and the other half come in for weight loss and various other conditions. And I have two different offices. One in Boston and one outside of Boston. And I work with a group of therapists

Interviewer: Now you touched on it a little bit but, what are some techniques you use to get new clients?

Lauren: A lot of people find me online from websites such as healthcareprofessionals.com and Yelp. And also just by reaching out to doctors and therapists, that’s primarily how I get people. And also from the insurance panels people find me through there.

Interviewer: And that leads to my next question, how do you market your business?

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Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer Talks About Her Practice Experience

Interviewer: I’m here with Tracy who’s a registered dietitian, personal trainer currently working as a wellness coach in the Boston area.  Tracy, welcome.   Tracy : Thank you, thank you for having me.

Interviewer: Tracy, I wonder if you could explain a little bit about your practice?

Tracy : Sure.  I currently work as a wellness coach and what I’m doing is, I think a little more comprehensive than what I did when I was working as dietician.  When I was a dietician, I focused mostly on nutrition and exercise but I feel in the wellness coach division I get to get into a whole lot more than that.  We talk about sleep, we talk about stress, we talk about eating out, all the things that could potentially interfere with somebody reaching their goals, whatever goals they define for themselves in terms of wellness.

Interviewer: OK.  What are some of the techniques you use to get new clients?
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Jeannie Oliver, Certified Health Coach Talks About Her Practice



Jeffery:           I’m here with Jeannie Oliver, certified health coach of Jeannie Oliver Wellness. Welcome.

Jeannie:          Hi Jeffery. Thank you.

Jeffery:           Jeannie, I wonder if you could explain a little bit about your practice.

Jeannie:          Yeah, absolutely. I am a certified health coach, and I’m also a NASM certified personal trainer. I work with clients to help them improve their overall health, and I specialize in fat loss, hormone balancing, and sport’s nutrition.

Jeffery:           What are some of the techniques that you use to get new clients?

Jeannie:          You know, mostly so far, it’s been word of mouth and referrals from people that I know. But I also use social networking, and workshops, and online programs.

Jeffery:           Great. Now, how do you market your business?

Jeannie:          The workshops are definitely a big deal for me. Those are helpful. This is a pretty personal process for someone to go through. So with the workshop, they get to know me a little bit, build up some trust, and it gives me credibility, and they learn something they get to take away. So those are a big deal. I have some partnerships with local gyms and natural practice doctors that send me referrals. Then, social media is definitely a part of it. And then I have a monthly newsletter. The main ways I do it. So, networking.

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Carla Hernandez, Certified Nutritional Therapist

Carla Hernandez, Certified Nutritional Therapist. Wise Roots Nutrition offers individual nutrition consulting, online classes, and an abundance of resources and information to help you feel and look beautiful from the inside out!


Jeffrey Veffer: I have with me Carla Hernandez, a certified nutritional therapist from Wise Roots Nutrition. Carla, thank you for coming on the call with us.

Carla Hernandez: Thank you for having me, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Veffer: Carla, I wondered if you could explain a little bit about your practice.

Carla Hernandez: Sure. So I have currently a private practice in San Francisco, where I see individual clients, locally and also worldwide via Skype and phone, and I specialize in skin conditions. So I see clients that are struggling with chronic skin issues, whether it be acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, anything along those issues. I obviously, you know, address it from an internal perspective.

So usually those types of issues are more for a dermatologist or an esthetician, but a lot of it is coming from within as well, and there’s not a lot of information out there in the conventional setting that explains the connection between the skin and the internal perspective. So that’s where I come in, and I figure out what’s going on, so that we can relieve those symptoms.

Jeffrey Veffer: Great. That’s really interesting, the way that you’re able to make those connections between what you eat and your exterior. So what are some of the techniques you use to get new clients?

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Minh-Hai Alex talks about her dietitian practice

Interviewer:     I have with me Minh-Hai Alex, a registered dietician from, Seattle, whose practice is called, Mindful Nutrition. Welcome Minh-Hai.


Minh-Hai:       Hi, thanks for having me.


Interviewer:     I wondered if you can explain a little bit about your dietitian practice.


Minh-Hai:       Sure. So I have a private practice mostly working with clients one-on-one. Mostly adults, and I do do some teenagers, and I guess the main focus is helping people to make peace with food and their bodies. So I help people who have disordered eating, or have a long history of dieting, and just would learn, like to learn how to enjoy food without all the food worry and shame. I see other health conditions as well, but that’s the main specialty.

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Christine Eubanks – Wellness Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

Christine’s practice is focused around creating a healthy platform for living. One of her specialties is providing nutrition coaching for energy, stress, body and life balance.

Interviewer: I’m speaking with Christine Eubanks, a NLP master practitioner, and a relationship, life, and wellness coach. Welcome, Christine.

Christine Eubanks: Thank you. It’s so nice to be here talking with you.

Interviewer: I wonder, Christine, if you could explain a little bit about your practice.

Christine Eubanks: Yes, absolutely. There’s all kinds of titles in there, aren’t there? For those who may not be familiar, NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. And the idea is that, often with coaching, people can have a really difficult time making changes in one particular area or another. They continuously hit a block at some point. And so, as a master practitioner in NLP, I help them to move effortlessly through those changes, by working with their subconscious mind to bring about change in a way that works with their whole ecology, to move in the direction of what they’re seeking.

And mostly, my practice is in helping women make sure that their current or next relationship doesn’t end up like their last one. That’s including a lot of different wellness practices and really focusing on themselves, and how they’re showing up in their relationship with themselves, in addition to others.

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