At Dr. Jecu’s Yonge and Eglinton dental office we truly believe that with proper care your smile can last forever.

We are an independent, family-friendly practice and our dedicated and experienced dental staff will provide you and your family with top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry and oral care. Whether you’re in need of a cleaning, a dental crown, or a complete smile makeover, Dr. Paula Jecu’s dental team is sure to exceed your expectations.

We take Insurance and conveniently process the claim while you wait so you don’t have to pay upfront for the entire treatment.

We believe in Minimally Invasive Dentistry in all our dental services and treatments such as veneers, dentures, dental bonding, and whitening. That means that we work carefully to make sure we preserve as much of your teeth and gums as possible so we can give you the best smile and overall health.  Come experience holistic dentistry today.

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