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In this interview Holistic Nutritionist Jane talks about her practice and some of the ways she manages it efficiently for growth.


Interviewer: I have with me Jane Durst Pulkys who is a practitioner in Toronto. Jane, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your practice?

Jane: Okay, that sounds great! My practice involves something called live blood cell analysis. I take a drop of client’s blood and then examine it underneath the microscope and make dietary and lifestyle changes for them.

I also do something called psychosomatic energetic medicine healing which is looking at the energy blocks in the body, which can dissolve these conflicts at a cellular level. I also do metabolic balance which is a weight loss program out of Germany that balances your insulin and your hormones and gives you a customized program designed specifically for you, based on 35 of your blood values.

I also do nutrition mentoring for students who have come out of a nutrition school so that they can get their businesses up and running. I also teach life blood cell analysis for anybody who’s interested in incorporating that into their personalized business. That’s a two day course. I also do just nutrition consultations for families, for children, for groups of people. Lastly, I do seminars for companies and corporations. Everything involving stress to fatty acids to any kind of topic that they’re interested in.

I also do self-esteem workshops for women and for men. I have been involved in the school board system where I go in and speak with some of the students about healthy nutrition. That’s basically what I do in a nutshell.

Interviewer: You have a very well rounded practice and you offer a lot of different services. What are some of the techniques you use to get new clients?

Jane: My business is all word of mouth primarily but recently, over the last year, we’ve been using Google Ads and paying them a monthly fee to create more traffic to my website, which has proved to be incredibly successful.

Interviewer: You must also find that you get a lot of referrals from your past clients.

Jane: Yes, I do. That’s pretty much the bulk of my business.

Interviewer: Great. Now, how do you efficiently manage your time? We’ve talked about a lot of the things you do. You’ve got a very wide variety of services that you offer. How do you efficiently manage the time that you spend working on your practice?

Jane: Every morning when I wake up, I create my list of things that I need to accomplish. I’m a believer that you need to work first and play later. So I take care of all my businesses during the daytime and always allot myself some time either in the afternoon or late in the evening so that I can have some time to regenerate myself. I try to put clients all back to back. Then if I’m working too much, this week for instance, I’m working doing a three day training. I’m going to take a day off before and a day off after just to make sure that I stay well balanced.

Interviewer: Yeah. That’s really, really important, especially with the volume of clients that you see and the amount of service which you provide. Maybe you could tell us a bit about the way that you provide that above and beyond service to your clients.

Jane: My above and beyond service to my clients is I always follow up with them the following day to make sure that they’re okay. I have a 30% business where I just send product out to clients. If they ordered the product today, they would receive that tomorrow. I sometimes hand deliver those products to the client. I make sure that every client is well taken care of. No one falls through the cracks.

Interviewer: Great. One question which is a bit related. How do you market your business? We talked a bit about client attractions, strategies with the advertising, how do you market your business?

Jane: Initially, when I started the business in 2001, I did a proposal for breakfast television. I managed to get myself on that show and was on that show, at least, 20 times. I had a three year hiatus where I wasn’t able to get on. I just did another one in January. I also did several shows on CP24 with Bryce Wylde. I write articles and do seminars for community centers. That’s how I can get quite a bit of business generated from that.

Interviewer: Finally, if you had a chance to change one single thing about your practice, what would that be?

Jane: You know what? I don’t think I would change anything. I’m really happy with the way everything is going. I am a believer that you need to reinvent yourself all the time. So each day I do that so there’s nothing I want to change because I’m always changing.

Interviewer: Alright. Great answer. Well Jane, thank you very much. I really enjoyed our chat. I’ve learned a lot about your practice.

Jane: You’re welcome. Thank you so much.


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